3G details
Q1. What are the initial charges of BSNL 3G?
A. Startup kit (sim) cost Rs.51. This include 200 MB of free data (for 30 days). The main account validity is 1 year which can be extended later.
  • * Approximate rates only. This tariff may change. Please contact your nearest BSNL office for the exact rate.
Q2. What are the monthly charges of BSNL 3G ?
A. Please refer the BSNL 3G Tariff page for more details.
Q3. What are the voice charges while using BSNL 3G?
A. The voice plans and charges as same as the Postpaid Plan-99
Q4. What is the rate of data card /USB modem for BSNL 3G if I want to purchase it ?
A. Please refer the BSNL 3G Tariff page for more details. The rate page has modem price listed as well.
Q5. Is there any unlimited data plan under prepaid or postpaid for BSNL 3G?
A. No, at present there are no unlimited plans under prepaid / postpaid for BSNL 3G.
Q6. How to activate the 3G modem / data card if it is not purchased from BSNL ?
A. Any modem / data card that has 3G support can be used for BSNL 3G services. It can be activated by any voice plan voucher of BSNL.
Q7. Do BSNL provide statis IP address for 3G service ?
A. BSNL 3G plans has an optional static IP address, at an additional amount of Rs.250 per month. Annual payment option is available and it entitle for the discount as well.
Q8. Do Government employees or Rtd. Goverment employees get discount on BSNL 3G plans?
A. Yes, there is discount for Government employees as well as Rtd. Government employees on BSNL 3G plans. The rate of discount is 10%. Contact the nearest BSNL customer centre for registration and more details on the scheme.
Q9. Can I use the BSNL 3G modem. data card for making / receiving phone calls and for SMS ?
A. The voice/sms service depend on the make and model of the modem. Most of the modems available now support voice and sms over 3G network. However, check with the manufacturer/BSNL before buying the modem.
Q10. Does BSNL 3G USB modem has a telephone book ?
A. Yes. The BSNL 3G modem software has a phonebook which has large capacity and very useful.
Q11. Does BSNL offer discounted annual payment option for 3G service?
A. Yes. Annual payment option for all BSNL 3G tariff Plans will be available with two months FMC discount. That is, ten months FMC will be taken as annual charge, when payment is made in advance.
Q1. What are all softwares we need to install to make BSNL 3G data card or modem to work ?
A. We can either make the configuration manually or can use the software that come with the 3G modem. If we are doing the settings manually, we have to set the APN as 'bsnlnet'. All other settings are same/similar to 2G / GPRS for BSNL.
Q2. BSNL 3G Installation - is it easy or really complicated ?
A. BSNL 3G Installation is pretty easy and straight forward. The software that come with the 3G modem or manual configuration - will work without any issues.
Q3. What is the actual speed we will get on BSNL 3G?
A. The speed depends on many factors. However, pretty good speed is guaranteed in almost all places. Live streaming, video chat, high speed internet (above 1Mbps) and online multiplayer games work without any problem.
Q4. How to activate BSNL 3G service from a 2G sim ?
A. Send an sms by typing "ACT 3G" or "3G" and send to 53333 or you can recharge using 3G plans to activate BSNL 3G.
Q5. Will BSNL 3G USB data card work on laptop as well as desktops (PC) ?
A. BSNL 3G USB data card (modem) can be used in laptops as well as in desktops - provided they have a USB port. All new laptops and desktops will have it, so the BSNL 3G USB modem will work on those.
Q6. Will BSNL 3G PCMCIA data card work on laptop as well as desktops (PC) ?
A. BSNL 3G PCMCIA data card is meant for usage in laptop only. Theoretically, the PCI-To-PCMCIA adapter should work for PC but there is no guarantee. It is better not to try the BSNL 3G PCMCIA data card in PC.
Q7. Will BSNL3G work on my mobile / laptop ? How to find that ?
A. BSNL #G will work on all modern mobile handsets which has 3G support. Please refer the mobile phone manual for details on it. The PCMCIA or USB modem for BSNL 3G will work on laptops / Desktops which has the respective slots. Your laptop/desktop will have the USB/PCMCIA slot unless it is very old. Almost all computers will have USB port these days.
Q8. Which make / model 3G modem / data card is required for BSNL 3G?
A. Any modem or data card that support 3G can be used for BSNL 3G service. You can either purchase it from BSNL or can purchase from any other vendor. Before using it, make sure it is unlocked and not locked to any particular service provider (other than BSNL).
Q9. From where I will get manual / softwares for BSNL 3G modem ?
A. BSNL provide all necessary softwares and manuals along with the modem. The modem / data card if purchased from open market will also have all necessary softwares along with it.
Q10. How will I know whether there is signal strength for the BSNL 3G modem / data card befor buying it?
A. When you apply for the BSNL 3G, check with the local BSNL exchange or customer care centre regarding the coverage in your area. Also refer the list of cities where BSNL has been launched the 3G service.