BSNL 3G Services

BSNL 3G modem details

BSNL 3g Modem can be purchased from BSNL or it can be purchased from other dealers. Unlocked modems are available in the market which can be used for BSNL 3G service across India.

There are mainly two types of modems available in the open market - unlocked ones which are brought from abroad and Indian mades. The rates and warranty depend on the make/model.

BSNL provide two types of USB modem for the 3G service. PCMCIA type HSDPA data card (mostly for old type of laptops) and USB type HSDPA Cards. Both types will work fine and will have same speed for BSNL 3G.

Modems based on speed - There are three types of modems based on the data transfer speed. 3.6 MBPS, 7.2 MBPS and 14.4 MBPS. If the difference in rate is not much, it is always better to go for the one with highest data speed as it will be future-proof.