About me

I am a - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL - custome. I use the data card right now. I am quite satisfied with the speed, tariff and performance. I thought of helping others by providing maximum information form my / other user's experience / info from BSNL officials.

Please note that this is an Un-Official website of the BSNL data card. Please do not take the information in this website as the final word. This site is meant to help people who are not aware of this service / who want to know more about this service.

Please share your experience with me so that I can update this website with more information that is helpful for all.

Thank you all.

Note : Change in ad policy.

As the traffic in the site increased a lot last few months, we had to buy more bandwidth. We will be adding more information on EVDO soon too. We are forced to put ads in the website so that we can still run the site and provide maximum information. Thank you.