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    Q1.What are the initial charges of BSNL data card ? View Answer
    A.Security deposit (refundable) - 1000
    Activation charges - 250
    • Total initial charge - Rs.1250.00

      Note: Rs.1099 for the data card if you are purchasing it.
    • * Approximate rates only. This tariff may change. Please contact your nearest BSNL office for the exact rate.
    Q2.What are the monthly charges of BSNL data card ? View Answer
    A.Rs.250 - if you buy the card and Rs.400 (250 + 150 as fixed monthly charges)if you take the card on rental basis.
    Q3.What are the voice charges ? View Answer
    A. The voice plans and charges as same as the BSNL FWP.

    .What is the rate of BSNL data card if I want to purchase it ? View Answer
    A.Rs.1199 if you purchase it form BSNL.
    Q5.What is the minimum hire period if I prefer to take the BSNL data card on rental basis ? View Answer
    A.Three months
    Q6.What are the charges for BSNL EVDO card ? View Answer
    A. Initial Deposit = 1,000 Rs
    Activation charges - 500

    EV-DO Device cost = 1199


    750 Rs / Month (if u buy the device)

    950 Rs / Month (On rental for device)
    Q7.Voice is optional ? If not, what is the minimum voice rental ? View Answer
    A.Voice plan is not optional. But we can opt for any voice plan of our choce (from the tariffs of BSNL WLL phone) and the minimum voice rental charge is Rs.150.
    Q8.Conversion from rent based plan to sale of NIC/EVDO data card is possible? Any discounts for that? View Answer

    A.Yes, it is possible and there is discount as well. Details below.

    Months (for which rent is paid) on left side and discount allowed on sale price on right side (NIC first and EVDO next)

    1 to 3 Months NIL / NIL

    4 to 6 Months 20% / 20%

    7 to 12 Months 40% / 40%

    13 Months or more 50% / 60%

    Q9.Can I use the BSNL data card for making / receiving phone calls and for SMS ? View Answer
    A.Of course. The BSNL data card support voice and text messages. With the handsfree / mic that come with the data card, we can make / receive calls. Also we can send / receive sms.
    Q10.Does BSNL data card software has a telephone book ? View Answer
    A.Yes. The BSNL data card software has a phonebook which has large capacity and very useful.
    Q11.Does BSNL offer discounted annual payment option for NIC/EVDO? View Answer
    A.Yes. Annual payment option for all EVDO & NIC tariff Plans will be available with two months FMC discount. That is, ten months FMC will be taken as annual charge, when payment is made in advance.


  • Q1.What are all softwares we need to install to make BSNL data card to work ? View Answer
    A.We have to install the modem software and the configuration tool for FWT. Very important - you should not run the config tool for more than two times. Evenif you change your laptop or re-install the OS, you need not install / use the configuration tool but only the modem software.
    Q2.Installation - is it easy or really complicated ? View Answer
    A.Installation is pretty easy and straight forward. The config tool may take some time to load, but other than that, there are no problems. Also we may need to specify the port modem using manually, if the config tool shows any error.
    Q3.What is the actual speed we will get ? View Answer
    A. The speed ia mainly depend on the distance from the BSNL CDMA tower. If you are near the tower you may get speed of 120 kbps, if you are away from the tower it will go down to 80 or 60 kbps.
    Q4.What is the maximum speed we can expect from BSNL data card ? View Answer
    A.Maximum (actual speed) will be nearly 120 kbps.
    Q5.There is a BSNL tower near my area. Does that mean I will get better speed ? View Answer
    A.BSNL data card is based on the CDMA network. So you need to check which tower is near your area. If it is the BSNL mobile (GSM) tower, it will not be of any help. But if the tower is CDMA, it really matter.
    Q6.Will BSNL data card work on laptop as well as desktops (PC) ? View Answer
    A.BSNL data card is meant for usage in laptop only. Theoretically, the PCI-To-PCMCIA adapter should work for PC but there is no guarantee. Neither Huawei (data card manufacturer) nor BSNL recommend the data card to be used in PC. It is better not to try the BSNL data card in PC.

    .Will BSNL data card work on my laptop ? How to find that ? View Answer
    A.BSNL data card is meant for usage in laptop which has PCMCIA adapter. Please note that it will not work on the express card slot. Before purchasing the card, make sure your laptop has the correct card slot.
    Q8. What type of card it is,also which brand ? View Answer
    A.BSNL data card is PCMCIA type and the interface is CDMA2000 1X RTT. The brand is Huawei and model number is EC 321.
    Q9. From where I will get manual / softwares for BSNL data card ? View Answer
    A.BSNL provide all necessary softwares and manuals in 2 CDs which comes with the data card. There is also a printed manual and installation sheet which makes things easy. You can also visit this section but it is recommnded you use the software provided by BSNL itself.
    Q10. How will I know whether there is signal strength for the BSNL data card befor buying it? View Answer
    A.When you apply for the BSNL data card, the local exchange people will check it and will give a feasibility report based on their test. If the BSNL WLL phone or FWT has good coverage in your area, the BSNL data card will work perfectly for you.

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